Surprisingly, the oral presentation went more smoothly than expected. In the end, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to present my research and share all of the work that I have put into this semester with the audience. It was a nice culmination of the semester. I definitely felt a sense of pride in what I had accomplished and am glad that I … Continue reading Reflections


Receiving feedback on my first draft has been incredibly beneficial. I got great feedback from Dr. Shermer, Ruby, and Laura on how to improve my paper. The organization of my paper is one of the primary areas which needs revision. I am currently working to implement this advice, yet have found it to be challenging. Ideally, after this week I will have a more clearly … Continue reading Revising

First Draft

I found the process of writing the first draft of my paper very satisfying. There is such a sense of accomplishment in combining all of my research into a paper and to write that many pages. Although it is far from polished, I have a good start and am excited to edit it. I am uncertain of how well I connected each paragraph to each … Continue reading First Draft

Starting to Write

Writing my research paper has, thus far, proven simultaneously easier and more difficult than expected. I am grateful that my outline has been very beneficial, so I know where my ideas are headed while I write, but I also struggle to connect my smaller points to my main argument. Also, it has been refreshing to realize that my notes have, for the most part, been … Continue reading Starting to Write

Bibliography Week

This week I have begun to more thoroughly research and narrow down my topic. I have found a few primary sources (Hughes – 1964 – Loyola Plays Vital Role in Education Graduates), but am still digging through the Women’s and Leadership and Loyola Archives. However, I have succeeded in reviewing a lot of my sources that I have found so far and taken notes on them … Continue reading Bibliography Week

Research Questions

My research topic is to analyze the factors that combined to produce the admittance of women into medical school in the United States. I am specifically examining Jesuit medical schools, and will likely choose to focus on Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Furthermore, I wish to determine the reactions of the medical schools and the Jesuits, and what the experience was like for … Continue reading Research Questions

Women in Jesuit Health Care

For the spring semester, my research interests lie in examining the introduction of women into Jesuit medical schools. There are currently 4 Jesuit medical schools in the United States, Loyola University Chicago, Creighton University, Saint Louis University, and Georgetown University. I want to investigate when and why women were first admitted as medical students in these schools. My goal is to determine how culture changes, … Continue reading Women in Jesuit Health Care

Are you happy?

         I found Inquiring Nuns a very intriguing film. I have never seen a film structured in that format, and although the idea was quite simple, to ask people on the street if they are happy and record their responses, the vast array of answers was illuminating. The majority of the respondents immediately said yes without hesitation, but for the few who hesitated or showed … Continue reading Are you happy?

Catholics & Social Services

The Catholic Church has always had a strong bend towards social justice, particularly after Pope Leo XIII released an encyclical on the social question, Rerum Novarum in 1891 (McGreevy, “The Social Question”). However, for much of American history, including today to a large extent, the focus has been on social justice for white Catholics, specifically white men. While different factions and people within the Catholic Church … Continue reading Catholics & Social Services