Women in Jesuit Health Care

For the spring semester, my research interests lie in examining the introduction of women into Jesuit medical schools. There are currently 4 Jesuit medical schools in the United States, Loyola University Chicago, Creighton University, Saint Louis University, and Georgetown University. I want to investigate when and why women were first admitted as medical students in these schools. My goal is to determine how culture changes, … Continue reading Women in Jesuit Health Care

Are you happy?

         I found Inquiring Nuns a very intriguing film. I have never seen a film structured in that format, and although the idea was quite simple, to ask people on the street if they are happy and record their responses, the vast array of answers was illuminating. The majority of the respondents immediately said yes without hesitation, but for the few who hesitated or showed … Continue reading Are you happy?

Catholics & Social Services

The Catholic Church has always had a strong bend towards social justice, particularly after Pope Leo XIII released an encyclical on the social question, Rerum Novarum in 1891 (McGreevy, “The Social Question”). However, for much of American history, including today to a large extent, the focus has been on social justice for white Catholics, specifically white men. While different factions and people within the Catholic Church … Continue reading Catholics & Social Services

Can a Catholic be President?

The first source I chose was an article published in the Chicago Daily Tribune in September of 1928 in which Al Smith confronts the Klan and the G.O.P. for their anti-Catholic sentiment. Smith recognizes that his religion is only an issue and only being discussed throughout the presidential campaign because he is Catholic. He admonishes the Republican Party for trying to “inject bigotry, hatred, intolerance … Continue reading Can a Catholic be President?

The 2018 Midterms & the Catholic Electorate

          As has been established many times before, there is not a Catholic vote. With the exception of the Kennedy election in 1960, the Catholic vote has been close to a 50/50 split in virtually each election previously and since. The ‘Catholic’ vote; however, is shifting because of the changing demographics of the American Catholic population. The rising number of Hispanic … Continue reading The 2018 Midterms & the Catholic Electorate

Catholic Voter Trends

      As we have established throughout this semester, the Catholic vote has always been diverse, and while there have been fluctuations towards the right or the left, Catholics have always landed on both sides of every issue. Despite the positions taken by the bishops or the Pope, many lay Catholics did not agree with their decisions or, more importantly, did not base their voting … Continue reading Catholic Voter Trends

Catholics at a Crossroads

Increasingly over the course of this semester I have come to realize the importance of the Church in raising and socializing Catholics. Both Susan Ross, Professor of Theology at Loyola University Chicago, and Jim Barrett, author of “The Blessed Virgin Made Me a Socialist Historian”, both discussed how their Catholic heritage, religion, and upbringing shaped who they are today, what they believe, and their values. … Continue reading Catholics at a Crossroads