Surprisingly, the oral presentation went more smoothly than expected. In the end, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to present my research and share all of the work that I have put into this semester with the audience. It was a nice culmination of the semester. I definitely felt a sense of pride in what I had accomplished and am glad that I … Continue reading Reflections


Receiving feedback on my first draft has been incredibly beneficial. I got great feedback from Dr. Shermer, Ruby, and Laura on how to improve my paper. The organization of my paper is one of the primary areas which needs revision. I am currently working to implement this advice, yet have found it to be challenging. Ideally, after this week I will have a more clearly … Continue reading Revising

First Draft

I found the process of writing the first draft of my paper very satisfying. There is such a sense of accomplishment in combining all of my research into a paper and to write that many pages. Although it is far from polished, I have a good start and am excited to edit it. I am uncertain of how well I connected each paragraph to each … Continue reading First Draft

Starting to Write

Writing my research paper has, thus far, proven simultaneously easier and more difficult than expected. I am grateful that my outline has been very beneficial, so I know where my ideas are headed while I write, but I also struggle to connect my smaller points to my main argument. Also, it has been refreshing to realize that my notes have, for the most part, been … Continue reading Starting to Write

Bibliography Week

This week I have begun to more thoroughly research and narrow down my topic. I have found a few primary sources (Hughes – 1964 – Loyola Plays Vital Role in Education¬†Graduates), but am still digging through the Women’s and Leadership and Loyola Archives. However, I have succeeded in reviewing a lot of my sources that I have found so far and taken notes on them … Continue reading Bibliography Week

Research Questions

My research topic is to analyze the factors that combined to produce the admittance of women into medical school in the United States. I am specifically examining Jesuit medical schools, and will likely choose to focus on Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Furthermore, I wish to determine the reactions of the medical schools and the Jesuits, and what the experience was like for … Continue reading Research Questions