Bibliography Week

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first women to graduate from medical school in the United States in 1849.

This week I have begun to more thoroughly research and narrow down my topic. I have found a few primary sources (Hughes – 1964 – Loyola Plays Vital Role in Education Graduates), but am still digging through the Women’s and Leadership and Loyola Archives. However, I have succeeded in reviewing a lot of my sources that I have found so far and taken notes on them (Ramonat Notes ).

The sections expected in a scholarly article include: introduction, thesis, background information on the topic, support for the argument, and a conclusion. This particular article presented the argument from various points of view and opinions such as from women who were the primary purchasers in the households, the perspective of the government, trade unions, and African American consumers to name a few. Furthermore, due to the subject matter of the scholarly article, there was a turning point in the article where support for OPA declined.

The structure of this scholarly article differed from other papers that I have written predominately due to its length. The argument is extended with further and more in-depth explanation than in shorter papers. Numerous perspectives and sides of an issue are presented in order to fully grasp the subject discussed. As I have read multiple other scholarly articles, the structure of this one did not differ from other articles of a similar length; however, specifically examining the layout of the paper was helpful. The organization is crucial in order to write a coherent paper of that length, so the outline is very important to guide one’s writing. Also the ordering of the argument stood out, so I am more aware of the need to set up an argument and my support in a strong, clear method.

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