Starting to Write

Writing my research paper has, thus far, proven simultaneously easier and more difficult than expected. I am grateful that my outline has been very beneficial, so I know where my ideas are headed while I write, but I also struggle to connect my smaller points to my main argument. Also, it has been refreshing to realize that my notes have, for the most part, been good, so utilizing my notes on Zotero to incorporate into my paper is not typically difficult. Some sections of my paper I have struggled to articulate and keep starting, abandoning, and then returning to. As I have scoured my notes I think of other ideas that I could include, yet also seem like tangents on occasion, so that is one frustration I have experienced; the need to differentiate what helps my argument and what is just fun facts. My one main difficulty is how to bring a Catholic perspective into my paper because currently in my outline, my section on Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine and Georgetown’s School of Medicine seems out of place, so I am currently figuring out the best method to integrate it. However, I have overall surprisingly enjoyed the experience as it is incredibly satisfying to see all of my research combining and finally being put down on paper.

I really enjoyed the data-driven approach to Dale Winling’s talk and the graphs that he produced. Although I probably will not end up utilizing diagrams like he did, I can easily see how they could be incorporated into my project. I have found some fantastic graphs and tables which depict numbers of students entering medical schools based on numerous factors including gender, income, education level, and race as well as others with statistics on women in different medical specialties. Any of them could provide nice visuals to fully understand how discrimination discouraged women from entering the profession. Either way, the visual sources uncovered in my own research and in Winling’s talk both helped me to understand the topic discussed.


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